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Thassos is an ideal destination for visitors, who are interested in exploring the beautiful, natural and cultural environment of the region and in trying alternative forms of vacation.

Thassos offers great alternation of scenes and advantage of the quick and easy access in many non-identical locations. For instance, one can ride a bicycle or have a walk on the mountain and at the same day, in very short distance, he can also have a and enjoy a lunch or a drink nearby.

Visitors acquire unforgettable experiences exploring IPSARIO which has to demonstrate an incredible natural environment, and mountainous verdurous paths.
To visit traditional villages and enjoy the unique architectural style, stone bridges, cobbled roads.
To taste the local products, homemade sweets and jams, traditional recipes, raki and wine as well as other local delicacies.

We have experience in organizing in no time and according to your personal wishes, with or without a guide

  • Excursions with mountain bike or street bike (rental service available)
  • Trekking via old paths, which were used to link villages in the past
  • Hiking
  • Tours in ancient monuments

Moreover, in agreement with local businessmen our guests can enjoy

  • Riding
  • Excursions with 4Χ4
  • Boating
  • Marine Sports
  • Diving